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Cabo Verde - Islands
December 07, 2007 05:11AM By CVOL Staff

Dreamy desert beaches, unbroken dunes, date palms, acacia trees and warm, shallow sea. Complete relaxation.

São Nicolau
An island of old volcanoes and ancient Dragon trees. Wild landscape, numerous mountains and beaches. High-sea fishing and the famous medicinal black sands of Tarrafal.

A volcanic mountainous island paradise for climbers and mountain bikers. A hot climate, coffee and grapes. Magnificent panoramas and traditional feasts.

Like Boavista with space, tranquillity and hospitality. Endless beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. Beautiful bays and fishing villages.

São Vicente
A cosmopolitan island with the city of Mindelo and Porto Grande. Majestic mountains, beaches, horseriding, windsurfing, carnivals and crafts. Music and dancing.

Fine white beaches and turquoise blue seas. Sal has the international airport and an eye to tourism. Watersports, fishing, horseriding or peace and privacy. Good hotels and the famous salt deposits.

Small but passionate. An island of dreams, mysterious mists and beautiful flowers. Cooler with lush vegetation, fresh fish and a great variety of seafood. Off the coast, there are two beautiful islets packed with wildlife, sandy beaches and divers haven.

The largest of the islands with the capital city - Praia. Superb landscapes, lush vegetation, mountains and beaches. Strong African influences, festivals and markets.

Santo Antão
Sky-high mountains and sea-deep valleys. From tropical vegetation to almost Alpine air. Breathtaking views and a totally pure environment. Traditional feasts and grogue, the Cape Verde brandy.

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